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MR31 Cork is a highly economical grade of cork sheet that is manufactured from a combination of tough and durable cork granules secured with a synthetic rubber. Brown / Black in colour, MR31 Cork is highly compressible and a good option for sealing oils or fuels at low to medium bolt pressure.

Manufactured by Amorin®, the world-leader in cork composite materials, AG’s MR31 Cork is highly flexible and exhibits good recovery characteristics that result in a long service life. It is typically used in applications where temperatures will not exceed 120ºC.

This combination of economy, good sealability and long lasting performance has led to MR31 Cork being employed in a wide range of different applications. Some examples include:

  • Cover gaskets
  • Sump gaskets
  • Transmission pan gaskets
  • Engine housing gaskets
  • Seals for plastic casings


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Cork Gasket Sheet Amorim MR 31 - 300mm x 214mm x 3mm A4 SIZE Sump Oil Trans Car

$15.50 Regular Price
$14.75Sale Price
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