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Klinger C-4400 gasket sheet - 300mm x 215mm x 1mm (A4 size)


High quality general purpose gasket used commonly in internal combustion engines, compressors and hydraulic systems.Oils, Fuels, Gases, Water, Air Specifics - BS 7531 Grade YBAM oxygen gas approvalDIN-DVGW 88.02e 052 (Gas)Potable Water -WRC & KTWStress Relaxation - 25 MPAReliable up ro 400C


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# Note: Please ensure correct gasket type is used for application, I bear no responsibilty for incorrect use. Also all sheets (as per Klinger specs, have a +/- 10% size thickness tolerance)

High Temperature Gasket Material 300mm x 215mm x 1mm

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