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Huge STEEL XXXL lockable magnetic stash box/personal safe with 90kg pulling power (2 magnets x 45kg each) 2 keys are included with purchase.

A box like this is ideal for securely concealing money, jewellery, passports, medicines even old books etc in indiscriminate places & with the magnetic strength - your box isn't going anywhere.

Custom/Australian made: Constructed using top quality materials & produced to a high standard - the Australian way!

Dimensions are:

External - 250 x 180 x 100mm (approx)

Internal - 240 x 170 x 90mm (approx)

Free shipping Australia wide


### Disclaimer: This item is intended for legitimate use only. Seller assumes no responsibility for inappropriate use of this item. ###

STEEL Premium XXXL Magnetic Stash Box Personal Safe Secret

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