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Klinger TOPGRAPH-2000 Graphite gasket sheet - 300mm x 215mm x 2.00mm

Performance quality of gasket sheeting deteoriates over time, don't buy old dead stock from other suppliers!!


Sealing material, based on graphite and synthetic fibres. Manufactured using a revolutionary process which provides the graphite gaskets with totally new, previously unachievable properties.

Characteristics & Main Applications
The really flexible graphite sealing material with a high degree of inherent stability offers reliability in handling. Thanks to its high load bearing capacity and the low embrittlement, KLINGER top-graph-2000 is ideally suited for use with steam and other sophisticated applications. The material impresses with its good handling in combination with its very high level of load bearing capacity and minimal embrittlement at temperatures up to 300°C. These properties offer the gasket a high degree of resistance to damage during fitting and under operation, prevents the loss of bolt load and the formation of cracks at high temperature. The material is suitable for use with steam up to 300°C. In many other areas of application, temperatures of over 500°C are possible. KLINGER top-graph-2000 combines the advantages of fibre reinforced gaskets preferred by the experts with the key features of really flexible graphite.



# Note: Please ensure correct gasket type is used for application, I bear no responsibilty for incorrect use. Also all sheets (as per Klinger specs, have a +/- 10% size thickness tolerance)

TOPGRAPH 2000 High Temperature Graphite Gasket Material 300mm x 215mm x 2mm

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