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New Viton Rubber sheet 300mm x 215mm x 1.50mm

Description: Viton is Hexafluoropropylene Vinylidene Fluoride
- Extraordinary resistance to heat, with continuous heat up to 250°C
- Resistance also to low temperature – minus 30°C
- Self extinuishing & resistance to ozone & the elements
- Excellent compression set in compression at high temperatures
- Resistance to chemicals. Of all synthetic rubber types, viton is the
most resistant to hydrocarbons, aliphatic as well as aromatics &
chlorinated. Extremely resistant to alkalis, including oxidants
If you require other sizes under 1m or other rubber varieties (e.g. EPDM, NRI, NBR, Neoprene) please feel free to enquire.


Free shipping Australia wide.

# Note: Please ensure correct rubber type is used for application, I bear no responsibilty for incorrect use.

Viton Fluorocarbon Rubber Sheet 300mm x 215mm x 1.5 mm Gasket

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